The Benefits of Rice!

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Here at Health Aroma in Barbican we have a new Luminous Rice Spa treatment out this month that uses the powers of rice to help moisturise, even out those blemishes and stimulate collagen production.


With a blend of 5 Alpine herbs for added benefit this new treatment is the perfect way to relax and revive in London this winter.

There are numerous benefits of rice on the skin and in line with our new treatment we thought we would let you know just how good for you and your skin this treatment can be:

The Benefits of Luminous Rice:

  • Evens out skin tone and smooths imperfections
  • Reduces age spots
  • Regains a blemish free, clear, nude skin
  • Retains moisture whilst being NON greasy, soft and dry to the touch
  • A reassuring Vanilla and fresh Neroli scent


Rice grain – ground to a desired size, can be used either as a texturising agent for a ‘soft touch’, or as an exfoliator with a bigger particle size.

Rice bran oil – obtained by the cold pressing process, is rich in oryzanol, which has not only high nutritional value, but also powerful anti-radical properties.

Rice water – produced by filtration, is rich in starch and extremely effective to clarify and matte the skin.

As mentioned not only is Rice used in this great package but also 5 alpine herbs:

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