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41305 CL Facial Peeling Mild - RBiodroga Facial Peeling – Mild

A gentle facial peel for all skin types to remove dead skin cells and leave the surface smooth and radiant. To use: Apply a hazel nut sized amount to wet hands and massage in for 2-3 minutes, rinse off with plenty of water or facial sponge.





41305 CL Facial Peeling Mild - RBiodroga Facial Exfoliator / AHA

For all skin types, except very sensitive, this gentle exfoliating cream removes dead scaly skin, prevents the formation of blackheads and impurities. Regular use will activate the skin’s own renewal process and refine the surface, leaving it smooth and soft. To use: Use up to twice weekly. Apply a generous layer to cleansed skin, leave for 5-10 minutes, then perform gentle peel with finger tips before removing with warm, damp sponge. NB. May cause tingling or reddening on sensitive skins. Take care to avoid eye area.



41305 CL Facial Peeling Mild - RBiodroga Clarifying Lotion 200ml

This lotion contains no alcohol and normalises the surface of the skin.Witch Hazel closes the pores and Silicic Acid stimulates fresh cells and the healing processes of the skin. The skin is purified and fresh without tightness. Shake well and apply to the skin on cotton wool pads morning and evening for freshly cleansed skin.




Biodroga Lotion Mild 200mlBiodroga Lotion Mild 200ml

An alcohol free toner for normal and dry skins; soothes and calms the most sensitive skins. Prepares the skin for subsequent absorption of active ingredients. To use: Moisten a cotton pad with Lotion Mild and gently wipe over cleansed skin.





Biodroga Cleansing Fluid 200mlBiodroga Cleansing Fluid 200ml

This mild but thorough cleansing fluid with anti bacterial effect, Chlorhexidine Digluconate reduces sebum and impurities on the skins surface. The skin feels refreshed and clean without tightness. Apply morning and evening to a moist skin and foam up by massaging gently and rinse thoroughly. Follow with Clarifying lotion and appropriate day care.





Biodroga Cleansing Foam, 75mlBiodroga Cleansing Foam, 75ml

Cleansing foam- creamy- for normal and combination skin / 80g. The rich cleansing foam with Bioecolia gently and thoroughly removes make- up and skin secretions. Skin is left immaculately pure and fresh as dew. The exceptionally mild foam lets skin breathe
To use: build up a lather in the palm of your hand with a small amount of cleansing / distribute over face, neck and decollete and massage in gently, rinse off with lots of water




Biodroga Cleansing Oil, 200mlBiodroga Cleansing Oil, 200ml

Suitable for sensitive or very dry skins, this preservative free, water soluble oil lathers to a light emulsion and is easily removed with water. Skin is balanced and calm after use. Cleansing oil can also remove make up. To use: apply with moist fingers and massage in well to clean the skin. Remove with cold water and follow with lotion mild.




Biodroga Milky Cleanser, 200mlBiodroga Milky Cleanser, 200ml

For oily to normal skins, cleans gently with out drying. Washes off easily with warm water and preserves the skin’s equilibrium leaving it feeling ultra soft. To use: Apply with moist hands, massage in and remove with water.


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